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Welcome to the Garland Faith Community Church, located in Garland, Texas! We are a congregation of people who have placed their trust for salvation in Jesus alone. After getting to know a little about us through our website, we invite you to join us for a worship service.

What time are your services and what are they like?

Services begins at 9:15am on Saturday with our Sabbath School (Bible Study). This is the time for all of us to dive deep into Gods word for a deeper understanding.

Praise and Worship promptly begins at 10:50am with our 11am Divine hour beginning shortly thereafter. Our Praise and Worship service is a very integral part of our worship, and is a great precursor to God's holy word.

What can my family expect?

We have made a commitment with each other to journey together as we make our way home to Heaven. Together we are committed to telling others about Jesus. We seek to worship Him and know Him more deeply through our worship services, Bible study groups, and Wednesday mid-week prayer meetings. From all walks of life, GFCC members seek to minister to one another and share our lives with each other by connecting people to Jesus, and to each other.

Will there be someone to greet me?

Oh, yes. Greeters at GFCC are the pinnacle of every Saturday Sabbath hour. That is because they not only greet you at the front door, but they also get well acquainted with you during and after the services. That is one thing about GFCC that never ceases, and that is our warm welcomes. From the beginning of service to the time you walk back to your vehicle, you are greeted by friendly faces and warm smiles.

What if I don't own a Bible?

That's perfectly ok. We have a lot of bibles, and we'll help you get the materials you need to keep in-tune with th message. More importantly, we encourage the use of smartphones and devices througout our services (silented, of course) because we know this is a great way for us to stay connected to you.

How do I get to GFCC?

We are located at 1703 E. Centerville Rd. Garland TX 75041. Click here for map. And, if you still are unable to locate us, please don't hesitate to contact us by telephone or email. Our telephone number is (972) 271-3403, and our email address is

What should I wear?

When you visit, you will see that our church comes with our best dress. But, we encourage you to dress comfortably, and come before the throne of God with your best. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable at GFCC. But, we also want you to know how important you are to God. I Samuel 16:7 does read, "People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." Come as you are. We never turn away any lost or searching souls. You are a part of the GFCC family.

What about my children?

Every 3rd Sabbath, we have children's church. Your child will learn how the Bible fits into their lives, how to talk to God in prayer, and what it means to be a lifelong follower of Jesus. They take the gospel to heart, building a foundation – and often, friendships – that last for the rest of their lives. And, when there is no 'children's church', your child is more than welcome to sit with you during the Divine hour, for which we have colored crayons, pencils and papers for them to follow along with the sermon for a chance to win a small gift. In addition, we always have willing members to assist with your child - no matter what their age.

If you need more information about GFCC, please feel free to reach out to us via email at

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